Do you feel like you've

lost yourself in Motherhood?

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REviveHER has been created...

For the Mama who is aching to feel like herself again

For the Mama who is burnt out and moves through her day tired but wired

For the Mama who feels like she barely has time to breathe let alone look after herself

For the Mama who feels guilty and selfish to create space for "me time"

For the Mama who spends all her time nourishing those around her but forgets to nourish herself

For the Mama who drags herself through each day waiting (not so patiently) for bedtime

For the Mama who feels disconnected from herself and those around her

Imagine if you could..

Reconnect with your identity outside of your role as a Mother
Rebuild your energy so you can keep up with all that life (and children) requires of you
Reawaken your mind and embody a calmer energy as you move throughout your day
Restore your self worth and have a healthy relationship with your body
Reconnect with your spirit with self care daily rituals sprinkled throughout your day
Reclaim your power as a woman and your potential in the world

you could start each day full of..



self worth​

self love

 This 6-week self paced program has been created

so that you can feel like yourself again 

What's included in ReviveHER?

ReviveHER has been created with the busy mamas in mind,

who are seeking maximum results and quick implementation.

You will receive access to a new module each week, with lifetime access.

Module 1: ReviveHER Energy

practical lifestyle and nutrition guidance to

overcome Postpartum depletion

+ natural energy hacks

Module 2: ReviveHER Mind

reawaken your mind with guided inner work

+ meditations to create more calm in the chaos

Module 3: ReviveHER Body

reconnect with your body through intuitive movement,

guided morning and evening movement rituals +

breath-work for grounding your body

Module 4: ReviveHER Spirit

balance your chakras to bring more balance to your life

create a zen zone

+ chakra colour and manifestation meditations

Module 5: ReviveHER Identity

reclaim your identity by reconnecting

with your sense of purpose and core values

Module 6: ReviveHER Self Worth

restore your self worth by overcoming martyrdom in Motherhood

+ nourishing practices for self love

I'm giving you the map to find yourself again

Motherhood is an all-consuming, heart melting and relentless role we throw ourselves into but it can often cause us to disconnect with who we are.

Sometimes we just need some direction to help find ourselves again.

The investment:


or 4 monthly payments of $49.75



6 modules packed with practical + easy to implement tools including

lifestyle + nutritional guidance 

guided meditations

guided movement

guided inner-work

nourishing self-care rituals

online group of like-minded mamas


30-day hormone reset

natural remedies for Postpartum concerns

downloadable + printable affirmations

Frequently asked questions...

But I barely have enough time to breathe let alone do an online program. It feels selfish.

I understand "me time" is sacred (and limited) so I have created this program with the busy mamas in mind,

who are seeking maximum results and quick implementation. 

How long will it take me?

Each module will take approx. 1 hour of your time (you deserve it).

You will receive access to a new module each week for 6 weeks but no rush! You have lifetime access!

Is this suitable for ALL Mothers or just Mothers in fresh Postpartum?

This is suitable for Mothers of all seasons: mums of newborns, mums of toddlers, mums of tweens, mums of teens, mums of adults. No matter what stage you are in, making time for you is essential.

What is the format of the program?

There is guided meditations (audio), downloadable workbooks (pdf)

and downloadable content (pdf) with a side of guided support from Amy - Mother Unearthed (video)

Will I receive one-on-one support?

When you join, you are immersed into a supportive community of likeminded women who will be with you every step of the way. Anytime you need help, just post in the private ReviveHER online group and

Amy will answer within 24 hours. 

How do I know if this is for me?

Send Amy an Instagram DM if you have a question that needs to be answered before you decide to enrol. Her Instagram is @mother_unearthed or email


Who is Mother Unearthed?

I am a Holistic Nutritionist and Postpartum Doula.

Mama to two darling girls, Aria + Indigo.

I've created this program because my heart aches for all the Mamas I see struggling each day. Complaining of disconnection from partners, full of resentment, anxious feelings, hormonal imbalance, loneliness and depletion.

That was also my story.

I suffered from Postpartum depletion.

It arrived in the form of pain, forgetfulness, indecision, low energy and moodiness.

Why didn't I see this coming?

Isn't this something that should've been shared with me while I was pregnant?

Where was my village that everyone spoke about?

I felt a calling to figure out what it was and how I

could help others who were also struggling around me.
Above all else, what these women and myself needed alongside nutritional support was emotional support.

That when Mother Unearthed was born.

A holistic model of care for women to unearth the Mother inside

by providing nutritional, emotional and educational support in a time that we need it the most.

I've created this for you, Mama.

It's time to feel like yourself again.

 Enrolment is now open

If you're ready to prioritise yourself again and reclaim what was left behind

reviveHER is the program you've been waiting for.