ReviveHER is your toolkit for reviving your wellbeing in Motherhood and feeling like yourself again.


It is broken down into seven, easy to implement steps to make sure that you get the most out of this book.


1. ReviveHER Self Worth

How to restore your self-worth and overcome Martyrdom in Motherhood to create more calm in the chaos.


2. ReviveHER Energy:

How to recognise symptoms of nutrient deficiencies, best food sources, and supplementation to rebuild your energy after birth.


3. ReviveHER Hormones:

How to recognise the symptoms of hormonal imbalance and how to balance them naturally.

Plus a bonus stress management plan and a 30-day reset.


4. ReviveHER Mind:

Step-by-step mindset activities that you can work through to reawaken and reconnect with your mind in Motherhood.


5. ReviveHER Body:

Nurturing movement and self-care rituals to reconnect with your body in Motherhood.


6. ReviveHER Spirit:

How to balance your masculine and feminine energies, balance your chakras and how to create a Zen zone.


7. ReviveHER Identity:

How to revive your identity in Motherhood, reconnect with yourself and reignite your purpose.


Plus, receive a BONUS:

  • 10 x guided audio meditations for Motherhood
  • 30-Day Hormonal reset plan



Motherhood; A process of gaining someone but also losing someone–yourself.


It’s a time of deep love but also a time of deep exhaustion. Modern Postpartum is often filled with stress, fear and overwhelm and results in mental, physical, emotional and spiritual depletion. A disconnection from self, who you were and who you are now meant to be.

Your mind can get lost in the abyss of baby ‘bliss’, what they’re eating, how much they weigh, how many nappies they are filling, when did they sleep last and when do they need to sleep next.


Your body is no longer recognisable, a softer belly, stretch marks, stretchy skin and a back that is constantly aching. How do you love a body that no longer feels like yours?


Your energy depends on how long the baby has slept the night before and how many coffees you can sip in between managing the house and caring for the baby. You complain of feeling tired but wired at the same time and when it is time for bed; you struggle to fall asleep. Your fluctuating hormones are so imbalanced from the sleep deprivation, stress, overwhelm, lack of time for decent meals, the outcome–horrible mood swings and weight that never shifts.


Your identity–a mother, a cook, a cleaner, a taxi driver, a nanny and a thousand other job descriptions in one, but who are you outside of Motherhood?

That question remains unanswered.


Your spirit–what spirit? You’re a mum. Who has time to fill their day with soul-full things? Your self worth diminishes, if you can’t live up to the expectations that you have to be everything to everyone, you feel like a failure. You have to do the jobs that an entire village used to do and are told to be quiet when you fail and realise you are only one person.


Does this sound familiar? Modern Motherhood–exhausting is putting it lightly.


So how do you start feeling like yourself again when you haven’t slept for the last 400 years?


You start here!

ReviveHER Ebook





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