"I feel like no review does it any justice!"


"This eBook is a godsend!! I feel so much more prepared & at ease now for the arrival of my babe.  First time mumma here & there are questions in here I would never have thought to ask. Information I would never have known. I feel so empowered. Amy you have thought of absolutely everything and I am so grateful to have come across your page & now your eBook. Thank you for helping me prepare for my new arrival as best as I can" 


"To be honest, I think it's worth a lot more. Women are definetely going to benefit from this. Thank you again, im so grateful."


"This eBook is so amazing! As a soon to be second time mama, there is so much I have learnt and will utilise that I didn't know with my first and wish I knew. I feel so much more prepared for the arrival of our newest addition that I did before reading this, not to mention more empowered too. Women everywhere are going to benefit greatly from this, thank you again!"

"Okay wow!!! I can not thank you enough for this ebook!!"



Birth of a Mother is your toolkit for creating a nourishing Postpartum infused with sacred feminine wisdom.


It is broken down into eleven, easy to implement steps to make sure that you get the most out of this book.


You will learn:


  1. Matrescence + The Fourth Trimester: Understanding the hormonal and body changes and how you can support yourself in your matrescence
  2. Postpartum Planning: How to create a postpartum plan to have a supportive and nourished fourth trimester + a printable postpartum planner
  3. Sacred Postpartum Practices: Ancient postpartum practices that women practices across the world to encourage healing and recovery & how to implement them in a modern world
  4. Oxyctocin + Baby Brain: Understanding the importance of oxytocin and your brain changes and how you can boost oxytocin and embrace baby brain
  5. Postpartum Depletion: Understand what Postpartum depletion is and how you can avoid it
  6. Postpartum Repletion: How to rebuild your body and start feeling like yourself again
  7. Natural Remedies: Learn how to treat common postpartum concerns with natural remedies you can whip up in the kitchen
  8. Postpartum Pantry: Stock up your Postpartum pantry and cook up some nourishing recipes (all suitable for freezing) in advance to encourage healing (and reduce overwhelm)
  9. Self Care + Stess Management: Learn how to support your mental health, create space for yourself in Motherhood + nurturing rituals to promote Postpartum healing
  10. Rebirth of your identity: Learn how to reconnect with your new self and your new identity as you move from Maiden to Mother
  11. Your postpartum body + yoga for recovery: Support your Postpartum body with yoga postures to release tension and self care practices to reconnect with your new body


Plus receive a BONUS:

  • 10 x guided audio meditations for Motherhood
  • Printable Postpartum planner




Do you feel like you're on the verge of a big transformation?

It's more than welcoming a new child to this earth,

there's an evolution of self about to take place.

You can feel it simmering,

An awakening of something deep inside.

A woman that has been waiting to be seen.

An inner wisdom about to be felt.

Sacred femininity about to rise from the depths.

It's time to go through your rite of passage,

the ultimate transformation.

The rebirth of you.


Are you ready?


Birth of a Mother





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