birth of a mother

Prepare for the transformation of Motherhood - The rebirth of you.

I see you, beautiful Mama.

You're getting ready to bring your baby earthside.
You have worries that keep you up at night, I know they aren't often shared with others.

Worrying that Motherhood won't come naturally to you.
That you won't know how to look after yourself and baby 
when your partner returns to work.
That you might lose yourself in the process.
That you won't be able to get anything get done when you're caring for baby 24/7.
That there won't be anytime to care for yourself anymore.
That you'll approach this time in a state of stress and fatigue.

i've got you mama

You're here because:
You want to feel confident, calm and connected with yourself and your baby
You want to avoid feeling burnt out and fatigued
You want to feel nourished and nurtured in your transition to Motherhood

You are the the one who holds it all together.
You are the nurturer.
You are Mama.

Its time to prepare for your ultimate transformation - your Postpartum.

In this program you'll learn how to:
- Plan and prepare for a peaceful Postpartum
- Reconnect, nurture and nourish your new self
- Feel confident and calm in your new role as a Mama
- Practical tools for healing and recovery after birth

Each module is designed so you can do it at your own pace,

with activities that will have a huge impact on your Postpartum.

Prioritising yourself isn't selfish Mama.
It's necessary.

because when you heal the mother, 

you change the world.

​You will learn:

  • What is the fourth trimester

  • How to plan for a peaceful Postpartum + a postpartum planner

  • Traditional postpartum practices and how to implement them in a modern world

  • Postpartum nutrition - essential nutrients + supplements for healing

  • Postpartum pantry shopping list + recipes to stock your freezer

  • Postpartum depletion, repletion + how to start feeling like yourself again

  • Rebirth of your identity + how to reconnect with yourself after birth

  • Natural remedies for common postpartum concerns

  • Self care + stress management techniques

  • Acupressure for postpartum concerns

  • How to identify Postpartum mood disorders

  • The importance of oxytocin + baby brain




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